58% of SMEs prefer Facebook to LinkedIn for branding

AgencyUK on parent trends to Facebook ads

Facebook has become the most trusted social platform for branding among small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) according to a recent YouGov survey.

The survey shows that the biggest social network, with a fan base of about 800m users, has overtaken LinkedIn, the social platform that is considered best for business. Actually, the two platforms score very similar results in the survey, with Facebook having a minor advantage. It comes as the first marketing choice for 26% of the respondents, whereas LinkedIn is preferred by one quarter of the businesses. The other major social network, Twitter, follows closely, with 21% of SMEs opting to advertise there.

Overall, 56% of the polled confirm that they use social media for marketing. Two in three of those say that they use social media to promote products and services, while 58% advertise the brand and just over 20% inform consumers of discounts and special offers.

The survey also points out an interesting regional difference. Almost two-thirds of SMEs in the North claim that they never use social media for branding, whereas only 39% of their counterparts in the South avoid the platforms.

Using blogs for brand promotion proves very uncommon, with merely 11% of the respondents using this tool for self-promotion. However, the vast majority of those who do, believe that blogging is a successful marketing strategy.