UK Consumers Still Wary Of Contactless Payment

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While many marketing industry representatives predict that mobile wallets are likely to become the next obsession among UK consumers, with news about contactless payment systems being launched here and there, Britons seem to be more wary of the new technology than providers might be happy to find out.

A new survey from YouGov reveals that nearly two in three consumers have no plans to use their mobile devices to make contactless payments, as they are concerned that the technology is not safe enough and might allow malware to steal personal data from their smartphones. The possibility of falling victim to fraudsters is another major concern for Britons that puts them off using it, the study shows.

Overall, awareness of the innovative method for completing transactions is on the rise, with more than one in three respondents saying they are familiar with the concept. However, just 12% of those polled believe they will start using the technology over the next 12 months and about two thirds of consumers say they are satisfied with the way they pay for various goods and services at the moment.

According to John Gilbert, consulting director for YouGov’s technology and telecoms sector, although consumers appreciate the ease and convenience provided by contactless payment, they need guarantees that their safety and privacy are taken care of. He suggests that consumers should be motivated to take on the technology by being offered various loyalty schemes as an incentive.