Tips On Making Multichannel Social Media Marketing A Success

Multichannel Integrated Advertising

Marketers are nowadays looking to engage with consumers by promoting brands on as many social media utilities as possible. Appearing on a great number of platforms positively results in a wider audience, but could also disperse attention, pushing brands away from their goals. In order to avoid fragmentation, marketing departments should have a rounded approach for each platform, digital marketer James Carson says in a blog post for Econsultancy.

Assessing the size and type of people using a particular social channel is crucial for building a successful multichannel strategy. Before exploring deeper the potential benefits of a specific platform, marketers need to conduct research into the audience to ensure it fits the brand’s objectives best. What’s important to mention is that social media growth rates do not always translate into a high audience and it’s worth looking at the details.

When choosing a social media platform, marketers should also consider the particular function of the network and gauge its distinguishing features and key strengths. Brands looking to promote live events will most likely turn to Twitter, for example, while companies looking to impress with visual content will pitch on Pinterest or Instagram.

What comes after identifying the target audience and the platform’s chief function is considering how to stick them together. The best way to manage social media is embracing a tool like Hootsuite to view multiple feeds from the same interface. Finally, it’s vital to consider how these networks will complement each other, particularly when it comes to the destination website.