Consumers Buy More Eco-Frienly Products, But Price And Quality Still Matter

AUK on greenwashing

Consumers across the globe are becoming more and more conscious of environmental issues, which can be recognised when looking at the changing attitudes towards buying products and services. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are ready to sacrifice quality or their budgets for the sake of becoming more environmentally-friendly, according to a recent survey.

In a poll jointly conducted by marketing specialist BBMG, think tank and strategy consultancy SustainAbility and research agency GlobeScan, which showed that consumers are willing to lend support to measures aimed at making our planet a better place to live, as 66% of those surveyed said that if we want to leave the legacy of a healthy environment to our children we need to reduce our consumption. About 65% of the interviewees, which included over 6,200 people from Brazil, China, India, Germany, the UK and the US, claimed that they also feel obliged to buy more sustainable products and services.

It turns out that, despite consumers’ strong desires to purchase more nature-friendly products, they are not keen to compromise on quality or price. For 70% of the respondents, buying sustainable products is an option only when the price is acceptable, while another 75% think that they would fill their baskets with more responsible products only if their performance is the same or even better than their usual picks.

The report further identified brands’ failure to persuade consumers of their ambitions to become greener, as 64% of the people said that businesses should be more explicit and trustworthy when declaring their environmental goals. A similar percentage said that they want to become aware of the environmental or social advantages of a product straight away.