Mobile Users Deem Ads Irritating

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A new study from market researcher Forrester which revealed that most mobile users deem ads popping up on their devices extremely irritating, even more than those seen on TV.

The poll, reported in Ad Age, found that 70% of mobile phone owners consider ads downloading automatically as an interruption. Such ads are also considered quite vexing, as identified by two-thirds of those interviewed, which is above the percentage of people who stated that ads seen on TV or online are annoying.

The report further established that just 12% of mobile users are happy to see an ad on their device, 14% do find them relevant and 17% describe them as interesting. Despite the overall unfriendly attitude towards mobile advertising, there’s still light at the end of the tunnel for businesses active in the segment, as the survey established that 49% of mobile users would be glad to receive ads based on their individual preferences and 43% would not mind being targeted based on their current location.

What mobile users want is to see change a in mobile advertising, to be able to prevent ads from interrupting app usage, said 68% of the sample. Some 59% said that they seek rewards for opening an in-app ad and almost 40% prefer to pick the ad they want to see themselves.

Commenting on the findings, Peter Dille, CMO for Tapjoy, which commissioned the report, said that mobile advertising could be a source of significant benefits for brands if they take into account users’ personal preferences, allow them to choose the way they are targeted and give them incentives for opening an ad.