Twitter’s Mobile Users More Active And Follow More Brands

Twitter Brand Advertising

Twitter’s ‘primary mobile users’ are 157% more likely to log on to the platform when they wake up in the morning than the average Twitter user and 129% more likely to use it when they go to bed. This is what I read in a blog post from the micro-blogging and social-networking service, which cites results from a new study conducted by Compete.

The aim of the study is to shed light on the habits of Twitter’s mobile users, underscoring the fact that they are more engaged than desktop users as they follow more brands and interact with more Tweets on the go.

Twitter is advising advertisers to try to make use of mobile users’ engagement and place them among their top target groups as they are online more often than other Internet users. Besides, the platform’s mobile users are 86% more likely to be found on Twitter a couple of times a day when compared to the average Twitter user.

In addition, the chance of finding primary mobile Twitter users available on the channel while commuting is three times higher than amongst average users. They are also 160% more likely to access Twitter once they get to their workplace or to school and twice as likely to use the channel when being out with friends. Mobile users neither miss the opportunity to log on to Twitter even when they are shopping and this is 169% more likely to happen amongst those on the move. Mobile owners also like to post tweets before and after seeing a movie, with the chance being 301% higher than among desktop users.