UK Small Firms Cut Back On Traditional Marketing To Enhance Digital Presence

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I came across the results of recent research from deal-of-the-day website Groupon, which suggested that more and more small businesses are looking to jump on the digital bandwagon in order to keep in line with their customers’ changing behaviour.

Nearly 60% of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) polled by Groupon expressed a willingness to set up a page on a social media platform with the purpose of boosting business activity. About three in 10 respondents said that they plan to foster their e-commerce capabilities and 17% stated that they would focus on enhancing their presence on mobile channels.

The findings, which confirm the growing importance of digital marketing to local small businesses, also showed that, in order to enhance their social media profile, SMEs will trim spending on traditional marketing techniques.

Some 26% of respondents plan to reduce investments in local directory inclusions, while 24% will spend less on advertising via billboards and posters. One in five said that they would cut back on sponsorship in order to be more successful on digital channels.

SMEs will also look to retain existing customers by interacting with consumers in a more regular fashion, according to 24% of the sample. Some 28% stated that they will embrace these new mediums to create more targeted promotions and keep clients engaged.

One in seven small firms, however, is failing to make use of social media due to their inability to create promotions that respond to clients’ preferences, Groupon noted.