Mums More Addicted To Facebook Than Average Online Users


I came across a report revealing some quite interesting facts: mothers in the UK are more obsessed with Facebook than the general population, spending 9.7 hours on the social media platform a month.

Instead of having their coffee first in the morning, 50% of mums across the country check their Facebook account as soon as they wake up, BabyCentre says in its 2013 Social Mum report, which was prepared jointly with Comscore. This compares to just 25% of the general population admitting that they visit their Facebook profile first thing, the Marketing Magazine reports.

Another key finding from the research is that mothers are 15% more likely to be regular social media users compared to other groups. In addition to Facebook, mothers also love visiting YouTube – watching 5.1 videos on the platform per month. Mums are also fans of Tumblr, where they post content or follow other blogs for 4.4 hours over a 30-day period.

The partners also found that mums are 34% more likely to buy a product via the Internet than the average online user, with half of them saying they bought something online by taking advantage of a voucher or an offer shared by a brand on a social media outlet. More than a quarter of mothers said they made a purchase after seeing a sponsored ad on a social platform.

Mums are also becoming more tech-savvy, as the share of mothers owning a tablet has surged 183% on the year, and the percentage of those having a smartphone has gone up by 13%.