Tips For Making The Most Out Of Twitter

Twitter Brand Advertising

The element of Twitter marketers like the most is that it gives them the opportunity to react in real time to events and provide rapid response to customers. Yet agility needs to go hand in hand with creativity and planning from marketers if they want to set the right tone for their brand. UK director of Twitter, Bruce Daisley, offers some tips for marketers on how to respond adequately to current events and take full advantage of the immediacy of social media.

Speaking at the Future of Digital Marketing conference organised by Econsultancy, Daisley said that marketers always need to consider the fact that Twitter is more of an interest network rather than a social network. This is highlighted by the fact that eight in 10 of Twitter users in the UK, currently numbering 10 million, now use the service via their mobile device.

Since planning for future events is practically impossible, marketers may try at least to make guesses about how they would react to certain events as and when they happen. In real-time, it is also essential to create tweets that look natural and spontaneous rather than forced, Daisley states.

The expert also considers the importance of creating a calendar of events taking place throughout the year to help businesses plan their marketing initiatives in accordance with the occasion. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are the first that come to mind, but including bank holidays or reactions to periods of warm weather in the calendar is also a good idea. Conversations and consumer interactions in response to messages are more than certain to happen, so marketers also need to think of ways that will help them make the most out of these moments. Remember that not everything said on Twitter about your business will be positive, which means marketers should also learn how to respond to negative online comments that could tarnish their reputation and brand.