Top Tips To A High Search Result Ranking

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An interesting article from Thomas Vollrath, CEO of 123-reg’s parent company Host Europe Group, outlining some of the steps that brands and marketers need to follow if they want their website to rank high in search results.

Industry professionals are pretty aware that search engine optimisation (SEO) can make or break a business. If your company is one of those relying on this technique to push your website to the top of Google’s search listings, it is important to use the right content. Last year was the year of quality, not quantity for SEO, which was highlighted by Google’s raft of changes to its algorithms. This means that website content needs to be written for the users, not stuffed with keywords to obtain top search rankings and better visibility, which can even lead to your site being banned on major search engines. Use only relevant keywords rather than popular ones and always load content that would be of people’s interest by using words that they would use.

Social media is emerging as a reliable tool for communication and improving SEO techniques, so it is a good idea to keep in touch with followers on such platforms, respond to their requests and keep them updated.

Given the increasing adoption of mobile devices for researching products and services, jumping on the mobile bandwagon is more than mandatory. Using SEO for mobile channels means ensuring that your website looks good, at least on the most widespread devices. Designing your website with a mobile-first mindset is also what Google recommends to help tweak your website to meet users’ needs on the go.