Questions Every Health And Science Marketer Must Ask Themselves

AUK Iridium Insights Brand

Today’s digital world offers health and science organisations plenty of channels they could take advantage of in order to reach their target audiences. And while it’s good for health and science marketers to have profiles on social media and apps, it’s also important to take care of their websites with the same diligence.

I recently read an article from Carolee Sherwood for Business 2 Community. She says that, despite the emergence of so many new channels for interaction with consumers, websites are just as important as they have always been. Websites are still “the nucleus of a business” and a starting point for many organisations. They can bring together all of their online assets such as testimonials and white papers, blog posts and YouTube videos. What’s more, marketers are even encouraged to make hospital web pages, in particular, more informational and educational, providing content that brings value to readers.

Marketers engaged in health and science need to ask themselves a couple of questions to determine whether they are making the right efforts, according to Sherwood. They must be frank with themselves when it comes to the success of their website and make it clear whether it meets the goals of their marketing strategy, including branding. Marketers also need to identify whether their web pages are designed to prioritise the needs of its users. They need to look at the availability of options such as location finders, appointment makers, live chats, account access and emergency room wait times that are changed in real-time.

Another indicator for a website’s effectiveness and usefulness is highlighting an organisation’s quality and safety of care their patients receive. A website also must be user-friendly and eye-catching to make more people use it, and to be constantly updated with new content and to provide accurate information.

In order to make a website more visible to users and stay in tune with consumers’ preferences, science and health marketers also need to optimise their pages for SEO and make sure they render well on mobile devices.