Content Marketing Key For Reaching Mums

Mum Consumer Shopping

If mums are the target audience for your brand, it is vital that your content is engaging enough for them to take the time to read it during their busy schedules.

I recently read an article written for Business 2 Community by Punchbowl’s Katie Petrillo. The marketing manager gives fellow marketers valuable tips on how to catch mums’ attentions with their content.

Ensuring that content is relevant to mums’ interests should be the starting point of any marketing campaign, aimed at this audience group. This means getting to know whether they are new mums, or mums with children in college, for example. This research will guarantee that your content matches their needs, and your effort to understand the different stages of a mum’s life will be appreciated in the long run.

Picking the right mode for interacting with mums is essential for any successful marketing strategy. There are numerous content channels, but not all of them are effective in connecting with mums. Petrillo’s advice to marketers is to use social media and blogs, since these are the top hubs they visit to search for content. Adding content marketing to your company’s website is also a good method to direct traffic to your page. This content could include recipes, or DIY projects, for example.

Mums are often online when they want to solve a problem or find out how to do something. Brands can assist mums’ searches by providing answers and solutions to their problems. If mums know that your brand provides valuable information, it is more likely they will revisit your site in the future.

Creativity is also important to ensure that mums stay engaged. They will appreciate it if you can make them laugh, or provide them with funny and interesting stories about mothers and children. Publishing images and videos, as well as photos from social media, can also help to keep them engaged.