34% Of UK Online Shoppers Searching For Deals

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A new study which polled 2,000 online shoppers has confirmed that when buying products on the web, 56% of people feel tempted to take advantage of attractive promotions, and another 34% actively look for deals.

The research, conducted by Play.com, further revealed that sales make 63% of online shoppers feel excited, with women unsurprisingly appearing to be happier when they spot a good deal. Female shoppers are also more likely to know about promotions on the market, as 37% of them said they actively seek discounted products, compared to 30% of men.

Younger respondents were found to be the most likely to feel excited when picking up a bargain, as mentioned by 75% of online shoppers aged between 18 and 24.

The researcher also found that the most enthusiastic bargain hunters live in London, with 44% of residents of the capital saying they are always on the lookout for deals.

Promotions could be a driver for full-priced shopping as well, since more than eight in ten respondents said they also look at items that are not on sale. Around 27% of shoppers said they buy full-price items every time they purchase discounted products, with only 19% saying they stick only to products featured in the promotion.

Retailers promoting discounted products will certainly win shoppers’ attention, but they will also benefit by selling non-sale items, since bargain hunting often leads to making full purchases too, Play.com’s managing director Shingo Murakami commented.