Millennials Most Open To Marketing Influence Via Mobile Channels

Millennial mobile social app

The Millennial generation now constitutes almost a quarter of the UK population but despite its significant number, this is also the demographic facing the biggest financial challenges. Although many of them run on limited budgets, mobile devices have broadly become indispensable tools in their daily lives, and they now use them for a number of activities.

These are findings from eMarketer’s new report, titled “UK Millennials and Mobile: The Key Device in a Digitally Dominate Life,” which reveals that the level of mobile device adoption among Millennials is much higher compared to other age groups. Today, nearly all (98.6%) of UK consumers aged 18-36 own a mobile device, which is far above the national average of 80.6%. Also, 87.7% of Millennials use the Internet on their device against 67.7% of all the other age groups combined.

Smartphones, unsurprisingly, are the top mobile device choice among young consumers, since they give them access to the online world. According to statistics from Kinetic Worldwide, smartphones are now treated as the primary device for accessing social media by 54% of Millennials, suggesting they are open to marketing influence on these networks as well. A separate report from comScore MobiLens reveals that reading social network posts from brands or events was a mobile advertising activity popular with 56.2% of UK consumers in this age demographic.

Ads seen on social media have acted as an incentive for many consumers, with 26.7% saying they have clicked on such a commercial and 25.3% receiving a coupon or making a purchase via social media. This means that apart from using the mobile-social medium for engaging with brands, social networks also have an important part in the shopping journey of Millennials in the UK.