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Advances in technology and economic uncertainty are reshaping the world of retail at a rate that many industry players fail to keep up with, and such changes are driving different expectations from consumers in regard to product, service and value. A new study from web analytics expert Qubit reveals the most common user complaints when visiting retail sites.

The firm’s latest Customer Experience Management study shows that while price is still the aspect of websites that customers complain about the most, product range is now the second most problematic issue. Product range is the highest new entry in the list and was not featured in a similar study carried out in 2011.

Next on the list are complaints about the size of certain products, in particular clothing items. This could be complaints about the retailer not having the right size, not displaying a size chart, or always seeming to be out of stock of certain sizes. Complaints about product range and size indicate that users visit retail sites already knowing what they want, and it’s only to the disadvantage of retailers if they cannot satisfy their needs.

Shipping information and video, which were among online shoppers’ top ten complaints in 2011, are no longer components that worry consumers, and have thus been dropped out of the list to give way to other more important issues such as site speed and site search. Other website performance metrics such as functionality and navigation have not changed in importance.