Social Platforms Gain On Facebook Dominance


Around 10% of the world’s online users are yet to enter the world of social media, data from the Global Web Index shows. According to the quarterly report, Facebook is still the number one social media network, despite losing some ground last year to give room to other networks.

Facebook tops the chart of networks with the highest number of accounts (83%), share of active users (49%) and frequency of visits – 56% of users log in to the platform more than once a day. Facebook is also tipped to be the most popular website and the hub where account holders are the most likely to perform a broad range of networking activities.

The most widely used social network, however, saw its estimated audience size drop by 3% in the second half of 2013, which allowed other networks such as Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn to catch up. All three networks enjoyed a solid increase in activity in the last quarter of the year, with the growth witnessed by Instagram being the most substantial, at 23%. Reddit saw a 13% rise in the number of active user numbers, while LinkedIn recorded an improvement of 9%. Other channels such as Google+ and Twitter also witnessed an increase in activity, albeit modest – at 6% and 2%, respectively.

People aged 25-34 remain the most active users on social platforms, despite the growing share of 16-34 year-olds invading networks, as they started using networks a couple of years ago and have continued to perform various activities via these channels ever since.