Young People Still Engaged By Mobile

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Mobile is still the channel most popular amongst young consumers, a new report from Voxburner suggests, highlighting the important role that mobile devices continue to play for marketers who consider young people their target audience.

According to data compiled by the youth-focused marketing consultancy, 30% of UK consumers aged 16-24 intend to splash out more on digital purchases in the coming 12 months, with nearly a third of them willing to spend up to £5 on apps. Another 7% of Britons in this age group are ready to buy apps worth £10 this year.

About 25% of young consumers expect to increase spending on apps in the next 12 months and a third would seek to purchase more film downloads. For 20% of respondents, digital magazines and newspapers will be the primary online content to spend more money on in 2014.

The researcher also notes that certain items have become less attractive to the young demographic despite the increase in digital spend, such as blu-ray players, digital radios and e-readers. Less than 5% of young consumers plan to purchase these gadgets.

Many Brits in the 16-24 age bracket also plan to update the technology they own, with 40% planning to buy a new smartphone and 24% setting their sights on a tablet.

Technology is a “status symbol” for today’s young generation, Voxburner’s head of insight Luke Mitchell said. They will always be ready to invest in something with a “wow factor” and always be willing to swap their device for a newer model, he said.