Video Ads Shared Twice As Fast As Last Year

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The speed at which brand videos are shared online has doubled over the past year, research from Unruly Media has found, with 42% of video shares taking place over the first three days after a video is launched. This finding is crucial for marketers focusing on viral videos to promote a brand.

According to Unruly’s social diffusion curve, which looks at the rate at which videos are shared and how this rate fluctuates over time, the viral peak happens on the second day after launching, when 18% of all shares take place. By the end of the first week, 65% of shares have been made. To compare, in April 2013, a quarter of social shares took place over the first three days after the launch of a brand video, 10% happened on the second day, and 37% happened within the first week after launch. The viral curve measures the speed of sharing for the top 4,000 videos across social networks. Unruly Media also determined that 74.1% of videos are now viewed outside of YouTube.

Commenting on the findings, Unruly Media’s chief executive Scott Button said that these sharing trends will boost the importance of paid distribution and programmatic targeting for marketers who want to maximise the viral peak and slow the rate of viral decay, making sure they get the best return on investment. Brands will also continue looking for new engaging formats to reach audiences across multiple channels as they seek to build up awareness among online users.