Generation X & Millennials Almost Equally Tech Savvy

Mobile Advertising Influencer

Millennials are not that far ahead of the previous generation in terms of digital device usage, the latest Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDG) global mobile survey has revealed, as the portion of millennials who regularly use a tablet stands at 65%, while the figure for Gen Xers is 60%.

Another significant outtake from the report is that mobile is fast replacing traditional media, with half of survey respondents across the different demographics saying they read newspapers on their tablet. Moreover, as many as 40% of them opt for a tablet instead of a PC or a laptop.

The report also discovered that one general trend within the field is the increased consumption of video content on mobile devices. IDG said that 74% of respondents watched video on their smartphones, which compares to 61% two years ago. Furthermore, the booming use of mobile devices has blurred the lines between work and personal life, with as many as 80% of the respondents saying they spend their evenings researching products or work-related issues on their tablet.

Commenting on the report, Christina Carstensen from IDG Global Solutions said that the “mobile evolution” has had a major effect on businesses and consumers, creating a culture of constant connectedness. This has given brands an unrivalled opportunity to create closer, more personal relationships with their customers.

The IDG survey involved 23,500 participants, executives and consumers in 423 countries around the world. The study itself focussed on four key areas, which included looking at how consumers have adapted to use multiple screens, and how businesses and their employees use mobile devices.