How To Revolutionise Your Content Marketing Strategy

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It is common practice for a number of companies to develop a content marketing strategy and then leave it, Business2Community notes. However, failing to review and alter an old strategy is not recommended, and businesses are encouraged to always revisit and tweak a strategy in order to maximise their results.

Here are a few tips on how to do exactly this:

1. Schedule specific goals. If a business knows what goals it needs to achieve by what dates – e.g. by creating an editorial calendar – the content posted will become more concise and more effective.

2. Analyse why people unsubscribe. If a company is experiencing a high number of unsubscriptions, take a look back at why this is happening. By acknowledging the fact and asking customers why they unsubscribed, a business will be able to change their strategy to stop this from happening in the future.

3. Review the content for calls-to-action and relevant, insightful topics. Make sure all content posted includes a CTA and is about something the customer will find interesting and engaging. A company could look over previous topics written about and analyse which ones were most popular, then produce more of the same.

4. Communicate with sales personnel. The sales team of a business will know more about what influenced a customer to make a purchase and be able to relay that information back to the marketing department, allowing them to produce more of what they know generates sales.

5. Make sure that the content works on various devices. Even if the content is absolutely perfect, if it cannot be accessed by different devices it will not increase sales. Ensure that all content is responsive and invest in redesigning it if not.