How To Become An Agile Marketing Organisation

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At a recent roundtable event hosted by Econsultancy, the focus of which was on Digital Transformation, a number of strategies were put forward for how to turn an agency into a more agile business, the online market research site reported.

There were five approaches listed on how to make an agency an expert in agile marketing; the first of which was to produce prototypes. By creating sites for practise – without the aim of officially launching it or turning it live – and then discussing whether to actually use the site, means that an agency will have a lot of experience in creating sites when the need for one arises.

Agencies also shouldn’t be afraid to re-use content. By reusing articles or news stories to cover a content shortage, agencies will free-up time and resources for other projects.

Being able to streamline projects will also help, as simplifying project size and scope can speed things up dramatically. Introducing a continually running number of small projects within a business will highlight the importance of lean methodology to other teams.

Being an expert at planning strategically – abandoning longer term plans, like five year forecasts and leaning toward more 12 month, six month or three month plans – means an agency can easily adapt to changes in the market, rather than being tied to old plans that may become irrelevant by the time they are brought into effect.

Finally, the online publication recommends sprinting, rather than running a marathon, when it comes to changing events within an industry. By working in two or three week bursts, agencies will be able to adopt a more rapid response time to changing events.