Top Brands Invest In Virtual Reality Software

Virtual Reality Digital Channel

A number of top global brands have been investing time and money into virtual reality (VR) software and its use for marketing in the future, reports. The technology – which is currently very costly and bulky – is expected to become more consumer-friendly in the near future, which is why brands such as Coca Cola, HBO and Nissan are all investing early.

Virtual reality software includes things such as smart glasses or goggles, like the Oculus Rift goggles. It is predicted that as the technology becomes more refined and less costly, the virtual reality market will be worth around $1.08 billion by as early as 2018.

The hit TV channel HBO has been experimenting with virtual reality by creating a 90-second show based on the fantasy television series Game of Thrones. The show focusses on a 700-foot ice wall which features in the show and includes sound effects for the enjoyment of viewers.

Nissan, on the other hand, allowed for guests at the Detroit Auto Show this January to explore their concept car, the Nissan IDx.

Along a similar vein, and in a bid to harness all the extra marketing opportunities that the FIFA World Cup offered, Coca Cola created an experience where participants could enter the changing room of the Maracana Stadium – the pitch where the final game of the world cup was played – before exiting onto the field itself and having a “play.”

All these experiences were made possible with the Oculus Rift goggles, with the HBO experience costing around $2 million to create. As the technology advances, the possibilities for the entertainment industry and marketing departments seems endless, the news article notes.