Desktop To Be Replaced By Mobile As Top Search Device For 2015

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It has recently been found that desktop computers are highly likely to be replaced by mobile devices in terms of the number of internet searches conducted on them by next year, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK reports. This will be the first time that desktop and laptop internet searches will be surpassed by those conducted on a mobile device, as the popularity and availability of such devices continue to increase and revolutionise the online landscape.

These results come from data gathered by market research company eMarketer and formed part of its ‘Key Digital Trends for 2015: What’s in Store – and Not in Store – for the Coming Year’ report. It was found that the majority of online spend, organic traffic and paid clicks originate from mobile devices – and mobile should therefore become a key focus for every professional drafting a marketing strategy.

This year, around Ł5.56 billion will be spent on mobile digital search ads – well over two-thirds of overall digital expenditure. Come 2015, however, this will increase to account for over 50%, or around Ł8.2 billion.

Come 2018, it is predicted that 75% of digital search ad spending will be aimed at mobile devices, but there are a number of aspects to this that marketers need to educate themselves about before allocating a large proportion of their budget to mobile; namely that although the prominence of mobile is undoubtedly increasing, ROI has not yet reached the same tipping point as search traffic and spend on these devices. Instant results cannot therefore be guaranteed, the article noted.