WS Atkins

Branding / Creative / Media / Social & PR / Strategy / Technology

WS Atkins (commonly known as Atkins) are a multinational engineering, design, planning, architectural design, project management and consulting company headquartered in London. Their offering is hugely diverse, and so are their audiences.

We established that it was important to position their advanced technological offering as a means to an end, rather than an end in its own right. That’s how the line ‘People. Drive. Results.’ was born.

The solution

We helped them showcase their leading simulation and optimisation technologies, bringing to life their key benefits: improved collaboration, reduced risk, improved productivity and smarter working practices. Put simply, we showed that better technology provided more comprehensive data, and more comprehensive data meant that Atkins’ experts could really maximise results.

All of this thinking was creatively executed across a number of internal initiatives. It also informed the development of campaign activity for specific product areas including investment planning and asset management. Demand generating activity was largely digitally led, and included web design and build, paid search and social activity. Plus some visually engaging event content.


The results

Atkins now have a scalable positioning, and a unique proposition that not only reflected their incredible tech capabilities, but also distilled their offering into clear, tangible benefits. Something that their target audience had never seen before. We helped completely distinguish them from their competitors, and created a framework that could be built on for years to come.