“Our vision for 2022 is to take the positive impact of becoming a B Corp certified organisation and build on it as an ethically driven marketing agency which innately understands the needs and desires of the modern conscious consumer.” Amy Stobie

In 2021, AUK submitted our application to become B Corp certified, which means we recognise the responsibility of balancing purpose and profit.

B Corp Certification

Social impact

As a business, we strive to have a positive impact and each year we choose one socially responsible company to work with, pro bono. We select this company by way of a vote, allowing each staff member to nominate a beneficiary. Over the years these have included The Great Western Air Ambulance, Prevent Breast Cancer, The Marmalade Trust loneliness charity and Off the Record youth mental health charity.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Plant for life

By June 2021 AUK was carbon neutral,
and had offset 55 tonnes of CO2.
Each year we contribute to helping
reduce atmospheric carbon by planting
1000 trees for every £10,000
generated. Our 2030 target is to be
planting 400,000 trees each year.

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Helping others

Charities / support / help

We love to give back and very often the charities we look to support have already had a profound impact on our own lives or members of our friends and family. Over the years we have given support to WWF, Wetlands Trust, Great Western Air Ambulance, Marmalade Trust, Prevent Breast Cancer, Julian House, Send A Cow, NHS charity Above & Beyond and Team Unlimbited. We’ve run marathons, ridden bikes, climbed mountains and bungeed off buildings, all in the name of promotion for these very special causes.

If you think we could help or have a query please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


While we recognise the importance of face to face meetings, and promote contact with our clients on a regular basis, we also look to encourage essential travel only, ensuring our carbon footprint remains as small as possible.

We promote the use of public transport to work and have flexible start and end times to allow for easier commuting.