What started as a brand refresh, customer journey analysis and website development ended up being developed into an acquisition strategy and campaign execution. We had to react to changes in the market to help grow their business in an increasingly competitive environment.

The brief
Develop the brand’s strategic positioning.
Develop the brand guidelines and tone of voice.
Audience insight and persona definition.
Customer journey planning and website UX.
TV ad production and campaign delivery and optimisation.

The solution

We took the new brand identity and messaging and developed a TV campaign to build brand awareness and drive online acquisition. The aim was to reduce the reliance on paid search activity and grow their customer base.

The results

  • Conversion rate on the website was up 23% YoY for the first 6 months of the new website going live .
  • When combined with TV advertising, acquisition saw a 39% increase YoY, driven by a 77% increase in organic search traffic.
  • This increased to 6% across July-October, with an uplift of 71% YoY for organic traffic and a 107% increase in online conversions.
  • Despite multi-million pound marketing campaigns from competitors  customer acquisition has increased – up 16% per week – reducing the reliance on paid search and enabling continued business growth.