Cotswold Raw

Brand creative / Website / Social / PR

Natural dog food has seen a surge in popularity meaning its a highly competitive marketplace where a strong brand identity and offering is needed to stand out.

Despite the benefits of a more natural diet, raw dog food is more difficult to buy and serve to your dog. There is a consumer hurdle to overcome to drive trial.

The solution

  • We used the Cotswold character of Arthur to help demystify the process of feeding raw, lending him a unique tone of voice.
  • With social proofing we showed the happy customers and healthy dogs in social and retargeting ads to drive sales.
  • Built a strong community of highly engaged audience on social.
  • Created a digital comms programme full of rich content to build awareness and engagement.
  • Built and launched subscription model.

The results

  • 83% increase in online transactions 2020
  • 85% increase in online revenue