Every medical practitioner wants the best outcome for their patients. By turning their smartphone into a clinical-grade otoscope, Cupris devices provide a new way of seeing. With even clearer, higher resolution images and the simple transfer of data, Cupris keeps healthcare connected.

The team behind Cupris are medical and technology experts who have developed a new way to transform Smartphone devices into the most capable medical examination instruments. Their IP was proven, and their investment was in place, but the first step was developing their proposition, brand and all available assets required to get Cupris to market.

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The solution

By developing the brand proposition “Clearly Curious” we were able to create a stand out brand identity for Cupris, that included logo, tone of voice, colour palette and a clear photographic style.

The Cupris brand is flexible enough to incorporate a range of medical products and the companies NPD programme continues.

The brand was launched in GP surgeries and hospitals through a number of targeted campaigns, that includes NHS partnerships.

The results

Cupris are a fast growing medical technology company. They have introduced a number of new patent pending products that are expanding their ranges into NHS supplies.

The website has e-commerce functionality with an international payment gateway that can facilitate individual or bulk product orders.

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