Brand / Social & Influencer Strategy

Our objective was to improve the consumer facing side of Canada’s leading iron supplement brand, making it more consistent and  connecting it with the modern, supplement buying customer.

The challenge was to unify the comms messaging, while moving to more of a lifestyle message which we know works well in these channels. 

The solution

We created a new brand look and feel and targeted a majority female audience, with a variety of education messages – such as reasons for taking FeraMAX and risk groups of iron deficiency: vegetarians, vegans, athletes, mums, blood donors, those with heavy periods and mums of children with iron deficiency.

We have also successfully implemented an influencer strategy for FeraMAX – working with 1-2 influencers and bloggers every month in 2021.

The results

So far, there we’ve seen a growth of 188.44% in Instagram followers and a 76.48% increase in Facebook followers.