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Longleat were the very first drive-through safari park outside Africa, set in an Elizabethan country house and grounds. They’re a national treasure. But despite this, and partly due to the success of BBC’s Animal Park, they weren’t well understood beyond ‘just a safari park’. So, we helped them develop a clear brand narrative that revealed the uniqueness of Longleat and helped support their expansion plans.

The solution

We revealed the uniqueness of Longleat by positioning them as an incomparable destination, underpinned by a true sense of place; it is ‘The Astonishing Kingdom of Longleat’. 

We established a common visual style and tone of voice across the park, their range of events and communications including their summer TV campaign and launch of Koala Creek. To maximise return we considered every point of the customer journey, from initial awareness to converting those visitors to annual pass holders.