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Medical Insurance covering malpractice is an essential and compulsory purchase for all NHS medical staff. The Medical Defence Union (MDU) are the oldest and largest not for profit policy provider to the NHS.

The brief
We help the MDU communicate with their existing members, to retain their membership, as well as supporting them on lead generation for new customers. We support with PR, Social media content, events and exhibitions, press office as well as creative for campaigns, digital and direct.

The solution

The creative proposition “Mind the Gap” helps focus the audience on the specific elements of cover missing from their standard NHS policy. The creative is designed to instil concern and fear in the medical fraternity at the possibility of negative cover and the implications it may have on their career tenure. These are vital considerations for young medics, and must be considered as part of the whole NHS operational environment.

The results

The campaign researched well with target audience focus groups. and has been rolled out with existing MDU members, stakeholders and prospects. It has so far proved to be the most successful MDU campaign to date, and seen the member retention rate rise to 88%.

New medical cover customers have risen ahead of all competitors, making the MDU the market leading insurance provider in the UK, and in spite of an increase in cover provided by the NHS.

The campaign has led to an increased focus on the customer journey by the MDU leadership team. Together MDU and the agencyUK team have been analysing all online touch points that lead to a final sales conversion. Optimising the sales funnel as well as the website has been key to a significant rise in membership policies for this year.