Since the launch of their new disruptive SaaS platform Solara, and a number of acquisitions, Cytel has now developed into one of the world’s leading clinical trial design firms.

Solara is the world’s first fully automated AI driven clinical trial design platform. It is able to simulate millions of variations in drug development trial designs in minutes, eclipsing all comparable human capability, and ensuring that every clinical trial design is judged against the appropriate outcomes. Solara is changing the way biostatisticians approach clinical trial design, but it is also a threat to some in the trial design teams. It risks reducing required manpower, altering the tried and tested methods of the past, and unearths problems few pharmaceutical and biotech companies know they have.

Power of Solara Brand

The solution

The creative proposition we developed is “Harness the power of Solara”. It is a suitably flexible platform for testing a number of product features as well as providing a content pillar for thought leadership content.

The challenge is to position Solara in an empowering way, highlighting its SaaS capability without presenting an immediate threat to the status quo. The marketing objective is brand proposition development, a robust global go-to-market strategy and a programme of thought leadership and lead generation campaigns.

The results

The lead generation campaigns include paid partnerships with known trade publishers, such as Clinical Leader, and utilising their digital channels to convert contacts and generate leads. Brand awareness is achieved through a series of webinars, active targeted LinkedIN campaigns, re-marketing and advertising networks. Paid search and SEO are the cornerstone of developing an organic inbound strategy. Organic traffic has risen by 200% yoy.

The CRM and email is managed through our HubSpot partnership with all campaigns reported in real time Google Data Studio analytics dashboards.

Solara image