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Following the news in late December 2007 that Rapier would consolidate its regional business back into London, a new team of agency planners, creative’s, account managers and designers have this week announced their startup.

TheAgency is a unique mix of senior advertising and brand experts, as well as direct response specialists. The idea is to marry the strengths of each discipline and build an agency that focuses on brands whilst driving a measurable return on investment through its response communications.

Although not a new concept, this approach has only recently been embraced and applied by some of the country’s largest lead agencies.

“We felt it was time that the techniques and expertise that go into building brands was applied to direct response communications across all media channels, and made available to companies that do not currently retain a large London agency”.  Saman Mansourpour, Partner.

The advertising and direct response world have been occupying the same space for some time, yet it is still more common for a brand and advertising agency to set the brand strategy for a company, and a direct agency to follow the guides. Recently, the most successful companies have let one agency take control of both such as Virgin Media. The Agency is expected to announce a high-profile appointment in the next few weeks, and a number of account wins.