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Okay, that may just be a headline to grab your attention, but the point I’d like to make is that social media is turning us all into our own PR agents.

I was recently on a LinkedIN discussion when a few mis-directed remarks were made from one of the key participators. Granted, it was Saturday, the hour was late, and they may have been at the thick end of a bottle of wine, but the recoil was big. 70, 80, 90 posts later, and it became apparent that people just weren’t going to let this one go.

What I witnessed was a display of political correctness worthy of the Walton’s. And what was most cunning was the extradition of said participant from the main event. A few carefully chosen words, and two explanatory statements later, and their profile had been successfully washed.

What’s fact is that by participating in social networking we are now required to manage our profile as carefully as a brand. What’s fascinating is how well we do it. Have we finally graduated from the school of Max Clifford?