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I read an interesting article on Mashable recently about which department “owns” social media. My hope was that if we answered that question, we might have a better idea which agency is best set to deal with it.

As you would expect the majority of companies surveyed handled social media through their digital department, but the point raised was that we all have a responsibility to make social media work for our employers and clients.

Why? Because social media works better when it’s integrated into an organisations process. This could be for customer service, advertising and communications, internal comms, HR and recruitment, the list goes on. If we look at the most successful corporate brands, they’re clear, have a defined proposition and deliver on their brand promises.

Marketers are forever beating that drum, “live the brand”. Social media allows us in part to really deliver on this. When marketers talk integration, they often talk media channel. When marketers talk social media, aren’t they really talking integration in its purest form?