InterCasino Launch Playtime for Grown Ups with AgencyUK

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InterCasino, one of the very first online casino gaming sites, has launched their new global brand campaigns.

The “Play-time for Grown-ups” campaign demonstrates that InterCasino means serious entertainment, providing customers with moments of exhilaration and the chance of life changing wins in an authentic casino environment online.

The campaigns are designed to not only attract new players, but secure existing ones. Planned and created by UK communications specialists AgencyUK, the activity will include multiple media channels, on and offline. The first burst consisting of TV advertising, TV Sponsorship and Online Display advertising will launch in Europe in September.

‘We’re excited by the launch of our new global campaign. TheAgency brought a freshness and enthusiasm to the project that was infectious. This is a complex, notoriously fast-paced marketplace where it can be difficult to have genuine cut-through. Getting a little blue sky between us and our competitors has never been so important, so we’re delighted to have TheAgency’s expertise on board’ says Nicky Getley, head of acquisition at InterCasino.

Sammy Mansourpour, MD at AgencyUK, said: ‘It’s not every day you get to reach out across so many markets through so many media channels. This was a golden opportunity, working alongside an experienced team and an exciting brand, with a clear and honest proposition. It allowed us to flex our creative and strategic muscles.’