Our Top Valentine’s Day Campaigns For 2014

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To celebrate the day of St. Valentine’s here at The Agency we’ve ditched the cards and decided to take a look at some great Valentine’s marketing campaigns that were launched this year.


Evian encouraged drinkers of their water to ‘feel the love’. They did this by getting follows to complete the phrase ‘I love you like…’ across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

With the statement ‘I love you like an 80’s power ballad’ at the forefront of their campaign, it ran in the UK, France and the US.



For anyone who wanted a quick solution to their Valentine’s Day troubles this year Uber offered a service called UberSky. Users of the Uber transportation app could order a message of up to 12 characters to be written high in the sky today. Although, with the most popular phrase ‘I love you’ already taking up 8 characters, it might have been difficult to add a name tag.


Happy Ann Summers Day

Offering something a little bit different this year, Ann Summers developed a campaign that tried to conquer February 14th as their own.

The aim of the campaign was to keep ideas fresh and err, exciting in the bedroom. The lingerie brand did this by projecting several messages such as ‘Happy Ann Summers Day’ onto competitor shop fronts, discouraging shoppers away from traditional cheese.