Drivology steers towards the future of car insurance with AgencyUK

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A new telematics car insurance service, Drivology, has been officially launched, featuring branding by Bath-based communications firm AgencyUK.

The Drivology smartphone app aims to connect the cost of your car insurance to your driving behaviour by analysing how, when and where you drive.

AgencyUK were appointed to Drivology in 2013, having previously helped to develop and launch telematic brands iKube and Tom Tom partnership brand Fair Pay Insurance. AgencyUK was tasked with creating a brand identity and developing an integrated digital strategy that would drive the brand’s launch across a number of media channels.

Nigel Lombard, managing director of Drivology, said: “We know AgencyUK team very well and have worked with them in the past on complex motor insurance products, and we have been delighted with the naming strategy and brand positioning. We are confident that Drivology represents the future of car insurance as it’s the only fair way for motorists to have their premiums calculated.”

Sammy Mansourpour, managing director, AgencyUK, said: “We were all very excited about this brief; it’s a rewarding challenge to be innovators in established markets. We felt the name ‘Drivology’ accurately reflects the vision for the company. Their expertise lies in gathering complex data via mobile devices that helps accrue knowledge about an individual’s driving behaviour. Ultimately, safer drivers who do lower mileage could pay significantly less for their motor insurance.”

Since the beginning of 2014, AgencyUK have signed four high profile brands to their client roster, as well as being nominated finalists in eight categories for this year’s RAR Awards, which include Best Advertising Agency, Best Brand Strategists and Best Design Agency.