Nine Feet Tall Set Their Sites On AgencyUK

AUK News

Bath-based business consultancy firm Nine Feet Tall, have appointed AgencyUK as their lead agency to help them develop their online communications strategy. With a refreshing approach to working with clients, Nine Feet Tall will be looking to AgencyUK to assess and improve online activity from their website, right through to their social media footprint and online advertising strategy.

 Nine Feet Tall are experts in business transformation and have proven experience of delivering complex change projects across multiple industries and sectors, appointing a lead agency will consolidate the consultancy’s online presence and social approach.

“We turned to The Agency, initially not for their business but more out of advice on what we could be doing additionally in the digital space to help us grow. We trust them and as an organisation they are innovative and creative, complementing our company culture. We’re delighted to be working with them, and excited at the prospect of engaging potential new clients in new and interesting ways online in 2014” Matt Jenkins, Principle Consultant, Nine Feet Tall.

Bath-based communications firm AgencyUK, have worked with large-scale organisations including the AA, BT and Siemens, and are already working closely with the Nine Feet Tall team on the restructure, design and development of the Nine Feet Tall online advertising strategy and their digital footprint.

“We were delighted to get the call from Nine feet Tall. We relish the opportunity to work with local businesses, particularly high profile companies that punch above their weight. Nine Feet Tall have a fantastic story to tell, we don’t doubt that we will be able to make a measurable difference to their marketing in a short space of time” Saman Mansourpour, Managing Director, AgencyUK.