A month in the life of an intern at AgencyUK

AUK News

We’re pleased to say that James Slater has recently joined the AgencyUK team as part of his Business Management with Marketing degree at UWE. For 9 months, he will be playing a key role in the Client Services department as well as assisting other teams across the agency. After one month in the job, James reflects on his experience so far…

Day one of a new job is always slightly nerve-racking and this was no exception. However, the excitement of being in a busy working environment alongside experienced professionals soon helped to diminish any nerves I may have had.

From the off, I was given immediate responsibility and was treated as a full time employee – not just an intern. On my first day I found myself in a meeting discussing current and future projects for a range of clients across the country – and world!

Learning on the job has been a common theme; I began by making myself familiar with AgencyUK’s clients and sitting in on meetings to create contact reports for clients and internal uses. I’ve also been able to get to grips with the digital world through blogging and social media, which has been an area I have really enjoyed. Although I work within the Client Services department, I have also worked with the Media, Social & PR, Creative and Tech teams within the agency during my first month on the job. This has equipped me with a broader perspective of how an integrated marketing agency truly operates.

Yes – I am asked to make the odd cup of tea and clean up now and then, and trips to the post office are a common occurrence. But I’m reassured that my contribution is valued by the whole team.  By doing these smaller tasks with a can-do attitude, I quickly gained respect from colleagues which has led to them giving me more high-profile work.

Overall the first month has been a challenging but enjoyable experience. I feel I’ve gained valuable working skills and I’ve hardly started. My environment is professional yet relaxed and friendly where everyone is willing to help regardless of their title. This has given me great optimism for the next 8 months which I am really looking forward to.