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Halloween Advertising CAMPAIGN

This year we decided to celebrate Halloween by brewing some gruesome cocktail concoctions for our very own Halloween happy hour. AgencyUK’s different teams picked a Halloween inspired cocktail and were each judged by the group on taste, originality and deadliness.

Here are some of our creepy cocktail recipes for you to have a go at home – but beware, some of these are deadly!

1. Social & PR’s Caramel Apple Sangria

For those with an extra sweet tooth try this toffee apple inspired Halloween cocktail. Sweet wine, cider and apples mix together to combine both alcohol and apple bobbing. We added half a bottle of caramel syrup for a sickly sweet finish.

2. The Media team’s Brain Haemorrhage

Simple but deadly, this shot only had two ingredients – Baileys and Grenadine. Pour the Grenadine into an upturned ice cube for a really gruesome eyeball effect.

12191078_10153576247131140_1802539214784008076_n (1)

3. Tech team’s Vampire’s Blood

This non alcoholic entry included cranberry, apple and grape juice for a fruity flavour. Extra points were gained for the imaginative decoration, with strawberry sauce dripping down the side to give a gruesome blood effect.


4. Our creative team’s The Phantom

With ingredients including coffee tequila and vanilla vodka, this strongly flavoured cocktail was not for the faint hearted. Disaronno- Amaretto was added for an extra kick, but the controversial cocktail split opinion between frightfully good or ghoulishly grim.

12070898_1520705248247282_433480524_n (1)

5. Client Service’s Dracula’s Last Martini

One of the more elaborate cocktail entries was Dracula’s Last Martini. Pieces of orange were sliced and burnt, and red food colouring was carefully mixed with sugar and dropped into the potion. With one part dry vermouth and two parts gin this strong cocktail was unsurprisingly one of the favourites – and after plenty of sampling and intense discussion was voted AUK’s winner!

12145105_898094800246374_552402067_n (1)