AgencyUK launches new product ranges for Pestle Herbs

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The misery of summertime itching , sleepless nights and endless winter sniffles could be left behind as AgencyUK launch a series of new product ranges from online e-tailer, Pestle Herbs, with a targeted digital campaign. The campaign follows the agency’s appointment earlier this year to develop brand strategy and manage brand communications. fills the gap for consumers who are looking to introduce a level of natural living into their everyday lives. Pestle has been launched to benefit from a huge increase in demand in the UK, like that seen in the US and mainland Europe, for herbal products and homemade herbal remedies such as the use of dried Echinacea as an immune system booster, Milk Thistle for detoxing or rubbing an Arnica salve on to bruises or weary muscles. Delivered by AgencyUK, the brand’s new campaign includes comprehensive audience segmentation helping to inform the online advertising, search and email campaign strategy. Consumers will be targeted on their behavioural preferences when either engaging in, or searching for, content related to their interest or ‘condition’, from herbal Hay Fever remedies to products for insomnia and first aid.

Since its launch, Pestle Herbs has already made significant strides in building a database of loyal customers. The company allows for customers to choose from a selection of ethically-sourced, organic dried herbs and make the preparation, infusion, decoction or tincture, that’s just right for them. Every product is hand-selected, from the leading natural health and beauty brands, and have all been made with natural ingredients and no chemicals.

New products include an oral relief Hay Fever spray as well as a “do-it-yourself” herb First Aid kit for those who wish create their own remedies at home, appealing to consumers who like to know exactly what’s in their product and save money by making en masse.

Earlier this year, AgencyUK were appointed to develop the Pestle Herbs brand strategy as well as roll-out the new website user interface and all future Social, PR and advertising communications.

Matthew March-Smith, Managing Director, Pestle Herbs, said:

“The successful digital campaign has allowed us to precisely target consumers who desire to know and understand what is in their products and where they come from, and therefore facilitate the growth of our increasing loyal customer base.”

Sammy Mansourpour, Managing Director, AgencyUK, said:

“Audience segmentation has helped us to create an informed and successful campaign. Pestle Herb’s target consumers are vocal, keen to learn, hungry for content and eager to share and our campaign has allowed for Pestle Herb’s to reach out directly to them.”