Why have some agencies fared well in the pandemic?

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AgencyUK on how agencies can thrive in a post-pandemic world.

No-one would say that the pandemic has been, overall, a good thing. But, like any crisis, it hit us all in different ways, and businesses are no different. As the dust starts to clear, AgencyUK’s Sammy Mansourpour plumbs his own experiences as an agency boss to understand why some agencies not only survived, but grew.

Our fear leading up to the height of the pandemic, shared with most of our peers, seemed to center around income. Would the world go dark, would client activity switch off, would income cease coming in? It took weeks, not months for us to see that the wheels of commerce would continue to turn because brands needed us and our fellow agencies more than ever. But why?

The pandemic hit the workforce first. With the workforce down, outsourcing became a means to an end. For each of our clients’ staff who vanished, be it through Covid-19 or furlough, the work being sent our way would increase.

Different pandemics in different industries

For e-tail brands, business was booming but operations were failing. Stock changes, supply chain shortages, and demands on customer service all required marketing and communications support. Where advertising diminished, CRM was amplified – skills they looked to us and their agency rosters to fill.