A Day in the Life of a Senior Account Manager

People in a meeting

As a Senior Account Manager at AgencyUK, my day revolves around our B2C (business-to-consumer) clients. Working within the Client Services team here at AUK means you’re at the heart of everything that happens, building solid relationships with both the client and our internal teams and ensuring projects run smoothly.

At AgencyUK, our day starts with a whole agency standup. A crucial part of our day – our scheduling manager Carolynn runs through the projects booked and ensures that everyone has everything they need for the day ahead.  Whether in person or joining online from home, it’s a great opportunity to check in with each other and start the day positively. This quick 10-minute meeting is also used to share company-wide initiatives from the Senior Leadership Team. 

Typically I would then have a call with my immediate team to catch up on best practices and work through solving problems together.

Status calls with different clients happen regularly throughout the day. Usually, online, these video calls are essential for keeping up to date with client needs as well as the development of working and non-working relationships between the client and the agency. We cover everything from ideas to what we did at the weekend! A typical discussion would be around what’s been successful and what hasn’t on a particular campaign – what’s motivating people to click and which creative assets have produced the best results, allowing us to then tailor our work accordingly and produce the best results for the client.

On a monthly basis, these status calls include negotiating and monitoring fees and contracts in line with upcoming plans to ensure all of their needs are being fulfilled – and ensure that everyone understands the bigger picture.

Project planning and preparing briefs for our delivery teams are next on the list. As an integrated agency, this could range from a campaign on LinkedIn right through to a website launch.

Being a Senior Account Manager at AUK is so rewarding. I love that I get to share and develop ideas with clients and then lead the process of turning those ideas into solutions, managing each stage of the process, from initial strategy to creative to social and delivery. It’s a unique position where I have the opportunity to influence every step of the way and work alongside a wide range of clients from CEOs, Managing Directors, and marketing teams, launching a new product one week to overseeing a video shoot the next!

Working at AUK means being part of an exciting, diverse team, working with experts in their field to produce extraordinary work that I feel excited and proud to present to clients. The agency has a really friendly, laid-back atmosphere and there’s always an interesting conversation on the latest ad or industry trend, as well as ample social events throughout the year so you really get to know everyone around you. 

We’re currently looking for a new Senior Account Manager to support some of our B2C clients, so if this has piqued your interest and you reckon you have what it takes then don’t hesitate to apply.

Send your CV and cover letter to hello@agencyuk.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you.