Quintiles Pharmaceuticals

Creative / Media / Social & PR / Strategy / Technology

Quintiles are the global leader in conducting clinical trials for new pharmaceuticals. They have tested and marketed 97% of the world’s leading drugs.

The solution

We designed and built their website, incorporating an end to end conversion funnel that has helped Quintiles build the world’s largest patient database. Our systems linked a comprehensive CRM database with their internal patient database, and our campaigns helped them acquire new patients as well as retain existing one’s.

We deployed TV advertising, press, social media and direct communications such as email, as well as helped with outreach campaigns to medical institutions, hospitals, GP’s and charities.

The results

  • 70% reduction in participant acquisition costs
  • £250k saving on broadcast media in the first 3-months
  • £750k saving in call centre overheads when we moved from outbound to an automated data strategy
  • Clinical trial recruitment campaign estimates planned and delivered within 10% accuracy
  • Set the industry benchmark for effective clinical trial recruitment strategies
  • Developed the most competitive PPC and Search Strategy in the market
  • Enabled roll-out of a scalable data management CRM system, that is license free and transferable across every global territory