AgencyUK wins Rex Resorts global creative pitch

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Rex Resorts Tourism Brand AUK

Brand response specialist AgencyUK has been appointed by Rex Resorts, the UK’s leading Caribbean hotel and African Safari operator, to create a new direct response print campaign for the brand and also to refresh the brand’s positioning.

The move will make it more relevant to a newer, travel savvy target audience and give it a sharper commercial focus given the market forecasts for 2009.

“In the current crunch market Rex has been looking at data analysis to help isolate core value customers, target them attitudinally and find new market opportunities with younger families,” _says Saman Mansourpour of TheAgency, “Based on prior data analysis, new data capture techniques, and customer survey data, Rex has been able to review the past 12 months, and along with TheAgency, use the intelligence to develop a new press advertising campaign and direct mail. The intention going forward is to roll out a comprehensive prospect re targeting strategy and customer retention programme based largely online.”

Rex Brand Manager Atlyn Forde says, “We were very impressed by how AgencyUK strategically links together activity across so many varieties of media, particularly online. The Rex brand and proposition will be focussed through the press advertising and the brochures and used to drive direct sales. TheAgency has come up with an inventive and appropriate strategy for us, powered by commercially creative ideas. I believe their work will deliver a measured and improved response on the company’s marketing budgets over the coming year.”

Sammy Mansourpour concludes, “It will be very exciting to work on this account and we can bring about some fundamental changes that will help to strengthen the Rex brand and at the same time make it more profitable. The refreshed branding will enable Rex to address a younger age group in the increasingly competitive holiday market and also start to move their price point up at a time when there is less money being spent on foreign travel.”