MTV teens targeted to “Pimp Your Scoot”

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AgencyUK pimps London’s scoots in a test road safety campaign that could see a national roll out.

The rising popularity of scooter riding by 16+ teenagers in the UK, has brought about a significant rise in the number of road traffic accidents involving scooters. This has placed significant pressure on London Borough Council to raise awareness of scooter training, promote safe riding amongst teenagers, and tackle the dangers they face.

Brand response specialist AgencyUK has been appointed by London Borough Council to roll out a pilot campaign directly targeting 16 to 19 year old scooter riders, encouraging them to enrol for an additional road safety training session once they’ve completed their CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). The attention grabbing campaign stands out by incentivising applicants for the extra training sessions with the possibility of winning extra scooter gear, worth up to £1000.

The campaign has won the support of numerous local bike retailers, as well as the SSMC Training Club, who will be providing all the training sessions at a discounted rate. It will be promoted through advertising online, in press, on radio and in bike shops, colleges, schools, youth centres and council centres. If successful, the pilot will be rolled out nationally as one of the Department of Transport’s road safety initiatives.

Fatima Ahmed, Marketing Manager Road Safety of Hounslow Borough Council says, “We have been extremely happy with the work that TheAgency have produced. The “Pimp My Scoot” creative is perfectly targeted to the teenage market.”

Sammy Mansourpour, co-founder of AgencyUK, adds, “We have all had great fun working on this campaign and believe that it will make all the difference at grass roots level where young people need to be more aware of the hazards of road use. Using the Pimp Your Ride theme will certainly cut to the heart of our target audience and deliver this important message in an unforgettable way.”