Siemens Gigaset appoints AgencyUK for global brand proposition

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Siemens Gigaset, the European market leader in cordless phones, has appointed AgencyUK, a leading brand and response marketing consultancy, to help define its global brand proposition, re-affirming its focus on attracting high end users and brand conscious consumers to its innovative products.

The German company is reviewing the Siemens Gigaset brand and how it currently manifests itself globally to maximise its appeal to its target customers. The new global brand proposition will be used across all Gigaset communications, including above-the-line advertising right through to its packaging.

Sammy Mansourpour, partner at AgencyUK says:“Pretty much every household purchases a landline telephone, and one in every five homes across Europe has a Gigaset. With its Siemens heritage and its strong market position, Gigaset Communications is a major player in this field. We’re confident the brand will appeal to both the technology-driven consumer as well as the design-oriented lifestyle consumer in a relevant and exciting way.