Glutafin Brand Re-Launch

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AgencyUK Launch Glutafin wheat free bread

Glutafin, one of the leading providers of prescription-only gluten-free food products, has launched a new advertising campaign designed to help coeliacs carry on with life after diagnosis.

Created by AgencyUK, a leading brand and response marketing consultancy, the campaign will develop the theme “Appetite for life” across all communications, highlighting the many ways coeliacs can successfully get on with their lives.

The new brand proposition will position Glutafin’s entire product range, including fresh breads, pastas, biscuits, crackers and flour mixes, as the only choice for coeliacs. The campaign will be rolled out across press advertising, online advertising, inside hospitals and medical surgeries as well as through direct mail, blog sites and social networks.

Bob Trice, group marketing director says: “We are confident our new brand positioning will help us create standout for our brand within the health food market. AgencyUK’s creative, strategic thinking, coupled with its sensitive understanding of our market has enabled us to develop a creative that will resonate with our target audience.”

Sammy Mansourpour, partner at AgencyUK adds: “Since our appointment by Glutafin, we have been working on developing the Glutafin brand, focusing, in particular, on brand differentiators such as Glutafin’s heritage. We have drawn on its expertise in the coeliac medical market to develop the “Appetite for life” creative, which we believe will set Glutafin apart from similar products in the market.”