Share Of Purchases Via Tablets Doubles In 2012

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A new study today reports that brands and fellow marketers might find useful, so I thought I would share some of its findings with you.

The second annual Stibo Systems consumer survey reveals that m-commerce in the UK has seen 10% year-on-year growth. While in 2011 nearly one in three consumers bought products via their smartphones and tablets, this year the proportion has reached 40%.

Consumers seem to have gone more into reading product reviews online this year, as 78% would check what others think of the product they are interested in before making the decision to buy it. In comparison, just 60% referred to online reviews in 2011.

Tablets have gained some serious ground, according to the report, with a 5% share of total online purchases this year compared to 2% in 2011. Laptops, however, remain the first choice for consumers when it comes to online shopping, with two in three of those polled favouring the devices for browsing and buying on the Internet. Smartphones and tablets account for a combined 20% of all online purchases in 2012, compared to just 8% last year.

Meanwhile, consumers seem to have become more demanding, as the general level of customer satisfaction has dropped from last year. In 2012 just a quarter of consumers claim they are happy with the service they receive from brands online, a 2% fall from 2011.